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1976 Year 6

From memory I have tried to place the names of the faces in this picture. No guarantees of correctness. If anyone can fill in the blanks let me know.

Top row;  John Newman, Pat Edwards, Stephen Campion, Stephan Grell, Roberts, William Tighe, John Makin, Paul Lockart, Brendan Collucci (Brendan Montana!)
2nd row; Chris Sheehan, Paul Gilmore, Ken Lincoln, Mark Toohey, Ray Wilson, Haddad, - Sultana, Dean Gardiner, Joe Collins
3rd row;  Nabil Wakim,  Damian Hill, Anthony Gorman, Rob Anderson, Ray Chiaban, Robert Cignarella, Phil Brogan, Cartwright, Smeal
Bottom Row; Cowan, Gary Fitton, Russell Prendegast, Craig, Danny Hegedues (Hedges), Arthur George, Michael Hillier, Mark Wintour
Teacher - Mr Robinson

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