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1980 Year 10

From memory I have tried to place the names of the faces in this picture. No guarantees of correctness. If anyone can fill in the blanks let me know.

Top row;  Dean Gardiner, Phil Brogan, ?, Stephan Grell, Keppie, ?, Dave Crelley, ?, Mark Toohey 
2nd row; Damian Hill, Michael Cartwright, John Newman, William Tighe, Haddad, Danny Hedges, Paul Gilmore, John Makin, ?
3rd row; Hillier, Paul Lockart, John George, Haddad, Paul Bruchauser, Pat Edwards, Ray Mouwood, Russel Prendegast
Bottom Row; Buddy Mousa, Richard Zaiter, Tadros, Arthur George, Joe Collins, Michael Smeal, Mark Wintour, Chris Sheehan, Anthony Gorman
Teacher; Brother James

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