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"You perhaps would like to know how I occupy myself when I am not writing? I read. I read an awful lot, and reading has a strange effect on me. I will read through something I read a long time ago and it is as though I am wound up with new powers. I pay attention to everything, understand everything clearly, and draw from it the ability to create for myself." - Dostoevskii

I used to think that reading was a journey. Every book was a destination, a step on a path to knowledge. I never used to revisit or backtrack, instead I simply forged ahead. Each new conquest would open new pathways.

Now I believe that reading is like exercise. Not only do you need to keep doing it but you need to keep adding new challenges to keep improving. To simply read the same type of books again and again is not a productive way to spend your precious reading time.

I tend to be a binge reader. I read in bursts. I usually read several books at a time. If I loose track of a few then I simply restart them when I get around to it. This page is a good excuse to keep track of what I read, and to make a brief note of what I thought about each book.

Every so often when I feel particularly inspired by something I have read I will post a book review on this page.



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